Al-Basar International Foundation

Is a charitable organization based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, works to combat blindness and eye diseases, as blindness has a negative impact on  individual and society, many families lost their sponsors due to blindness and eye diseases.

The good news is that 80% of blindness is curable and avoidable through early diagnosis and treatment.

BIF began its work by organizing out-reach program through Free Eye Camps in countries with a high incidence of eye diseases that lead to blindness.

(BIF)  Al-Basar International Foundation conducts its activities through :

*   Establishing permanent specialized hospitals.

* Conducting free eye camps in far areas, which are deprived of eye care facilities.

* Education

* Training


The Foundation dispatches mobile eye camps (Al-Basar caravan) for a period of one week at each location. During this period about 4000-5000 patients are diagnosed and treated, about 400 patients undergo eye surgery with the highest possible standard and more than 1000 pairs of reading glasses are distributed.

   Over the last two decades,the foundation; has achieved the following milestones:

* 48 countries in Asia and Africa

* Nearly 750 free eye camps

* Over 2.892 million patients examined & treated.

* Over 250,000 operations (mostly with lens implantation cataract surgery)

* Over 680,000 pairs of reading-glasses distributed.


BIF arranges continuous training courses for the medical and technical staff; aiming to develop their skills and increase their abilities.

These training courses include courses for doctors in the different fields of ophthalmology, micro-specializations and training on modern ophthalmic equipment and instruments.

Training courses are convened for technical and paramedical staff to improve the performance and experience of this important ophthalmic cadres.   

* Sudan 8 Hospitals         * Bangladesh 2 Hospitals        * Afghanistan 1 Hospital

* Pakistan 5 Hospitals      * Nigeria 2 Hospitals                 * Yemen 2 Hospitals

* Niger 2 Hospitals


Due to the scarcity of qualified technical staff in ophthalmology in developed  countries, the Foundation decided to set up ophthalmic institutes and colleges to uphold the evolution in the educational field of Ophthalmology in developed countries.

The Foundation has set up one training institute in Pakistan, and Makkha Ophthalmic technical College in Sudan.

Now, the management is planning to establish further institutes in Yemen and some African countries

These institutes produce highly qualified ophthalmic technicians capable of assisting in both conventional settings such as hospitals as well as in the mobile camps, in which graduates deal with large numbers of patients, while they are required to provide a distinguished medical care.

Permanent specialized hospitals

The Foundation establishes eye hospitals with comprehensive ophthalmology services through hi-tech equipment in those countries where there is high prevalence of blindness with lack of manpower, equipment and training. These hospitals also act as delivering centers for the free eye camps that conducted by the Foundation.

The hospitals have attracted and treated large numbers of patients who could not be treated in the camps.

Presently, BIF has got network eye hospitals in various countries across the  world as given below:

BIF Working Area
عن مؤسسة البصر الخيرية العالمية BIF SUDAN | Al Basar International Foundation

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