Our Mission

Voluntary organization symbiotic offer the best services in the field of ophthalmology and academic education and scientific research in Asia and Africa through qualified human cadres and modern techniques in collaboration with the Owners donors and build a relationship of trust with partners to achieve the needs and expectations of dealers

Our Vision

Provide Symbiotic pioneer services in combating blindness with International standards.


The Establishment

  As a continuing for the efforts of “Al-Basar International Foundation” to achieve its main objective:  ‘to combat blindness and preventable eye diseases in the developing countries”, the management selected the Sudan as one of these countries

that known with high prevalence of preventable eye diseases.

   Al-Basar started its work in the Sudan in 1993, by conducting free eye camps.

The  first free eye camp of the Foundation was conducted in Khartoum.

In 1995 Al-Basar management decided to establish a permanent Eye Hospital to provide

 a sustainable eye care in the Sudan, and to be as a base to deliver the free eye camps to the  underserved areas of the Sudan.

   The hospital started at the cutting edge of medical technology, using hi-tech equipment, and providing the eye service with low charges, or free of charge for indigent patients. All these were elements that spurred the patients to attend the hospital clinics, and to undergo surgeries.

  The unprecedented numbers of patients whom were screened or operated in the Hospital and the free eye camps in remote areas; were good tidings for the success of the blindness control program that adopted by the Foundation in the Sudan.

 * “Al-Basar Foundation” performs 60% of Ophthalmology work in Sudan, as reported officially by the ministry of Health in Sudan.

عن مؤسسة البصر الخيرية العالمية قطاع السودان BIF SUDAN | Al Basar International Foundation

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