The idea of establishing the factory

   The idea of   the factory initiated when a strong
need for lenses with odd sizes appeared within the Foundation, since such sizes were not available in the market, while many patients who were suffering either from sever short or long sightedness were  in need of these big sizes. The market prefers to deal with the usual sizes to gain a quick profit; dealing with the odd sizes was limited for its slow marketing.

* Now the factory produces bifocal and multifocal (progressive) glasses with its different colors.  

Types provided by The above-mentioned types of lenses are provided by the factory in different sizes, kinds, and coulors, whether from glasses or plastic.

About the factory
The factory was established in October 2001, where machines were imported and installed in Omdurman, the industrial zone, then in October 2001 production beggan couping up to date with the foundation need of all kinds of glass lenses such as Hi next, progressive  and  Bifocal.

   The factory provides all kinds of odd sizes from the mentioned kinds of lenses, taking into account the quality standards in terms of the quality of materials and accuracy in sizes, using modern insturments and means allocated for this purpose.

Lenses produced by the factory:
1 - Normal lenses (glasses) - single vision.
2 -  Hi ndex lenses. Where compressed raw materials were used to produce lenses with large sizes, but thin        and light weight.
3 -  Bifocal lenses. Bifocal are lenses used for reading as well as long-distance, both powers are provided in        each lense.
4 -  Progressive lenses. They have the same features of bifocal but characterized by with the absence of  clear

       limit between distance and reading in the lens and   appears        as the  normal lenses.

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