Makkah Ophthalmic Technical College established on November 2007 by AL Basar International foundation as an active facility to graduate paramedic personnel to enhance blindness combating efforts , It is a non profitable academic college contributing in training of technicians, nurses ,upgrading ophthalmic health education and introducing the modern technologies. MOTC supported by professors, doctors and experienced medical education staff who designed the programs of the college.

Welcome to Makkah Ophthalmic
Technical College!
Academic Programs
1:Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Diploma.
2:Certified Ophthalmic Technologist Diploma.
Training Courses
MOTC running continuous short training courses in all fields ofophthalmology.
Other activities
MOTC organizes ophthalmic conferences &workshops.



Makkah Ophthalmic Technical College

Trusty Council

Prof. Adil Abduaziz Al Rashood                                              Chairman

H.E. Abdelrahman Mohamed H. Sowaralzahab              Member

Dr. Fareed Al Yagout                                                                   Member

Dr. Hassan Haroon                                                                       Member

Prof. Hassan Yassin                                                                      Member

Prof. Hussain  Sulaiman Abusalih                                           Member

Dr. Ziad Al Sowaidan                                                                   Member

Dr. Mubarak Al Majzoub Mohamed Ali                              Member

Dr. Abdalla Bashier Mahmoud                                                Member

Mr.  Alaas Ahmed Kamil                                                             Member

Mr.  Amir Yousif Abugroun                                                      Member

Dr.  Mohamed Nour Hassan                                                     Member

Prof.  Elfatih Fadul                                                                        Member

Dr.  Babikir Alkandu                                                                    Member

Mr. Bakri Mohamed Osman                                 Students representative

Dr.   Shihab Hamadnalla                                        Member & reporter

Makkah Ophthalmic Technical College

Scientific Council

Dr. Abdalla Bashier Mahmoud                                       Chairman

Dr.  Mohamed Nour Hassan                                             Member

Dr.  Elfatih Fadul                                                                    Member

Dr. Samira Mohammed Ibrahim                                    Member

Dr. Omer Osman Al magli                                                 Member

Dr. Mahgoub Abbashar saleem                                      Member

Dr. Abdu Allah Alsidig Al abbas                                      Member

Dr. Amin Egbal                                                                       Member

Mr.  High Education representative                            Member

Dr.  Tarig Omer                                                                      Member

Dr.   Shihab Hamadnalla                                                     Member

Mr. Bakri Mohamed Osman                                             Member

Mr. Salah aldein Hassan                                                     Member

Dr.  Babikir Alkandu                                                Member & reporter

MOTC running continuous short training courses in all fields of ophthalmology.
1: Optical Coherence Tomography.

2: A&B scan, IOL calculation .

3: Ophthalmic Ultrasonography .

4: Ophthalmic Medical Terminology .

5: Basic skills of Ophthalmology .

6: Emergency & first aid in Ophthalmology .

7: Fundus Florence Angiography (FFA) .

8: Ophthalmic Pharmacology .

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Diploma (COA)
Study including basic & medical sciences concentrating on ophthalmology & blindness combating programs using advanced technologies of diagnosis & treatment to qualify the graduates to be the right hand of ophthalmologists. (six semesters)
Certified Ophthalmic Technologist Diploma (COT)
The program designed by MOTC staff and approved by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, it is the pioneer program in all Africa. Graduates will master the knowledge of operation and maintenance of all ophthalmic instruments and equipment. (Six semesters)

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Admission and Registration :

The  admission for the college  proceeds  through the Goverment Admission Office, which added the college to the list of the Sudaneses Universities and  High Institutions Guide, with code number: 4891.

     The list which includes the names of the admitted students will be sent to the college in order to complete registration procedures.  

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