Makkah Eye Hospital , El Obaeid.

Establishment :



25 beds


4 examination  rooms

A & B Scan and squint devices and other diagnostic instruments are provided.

A General outpatient clinic is running.

About 70 patients are examined daily in the Out Patients Department.

Surgical Operations:  

The following are the types of surgical operations  which are performed:

-    Cataract surgery (Phaco, small incision and extracapsular)  

-    Glaucoma surgery

– Minor surgeries

15 surgical operations are done per day.  

Laser procedures:

– Yag laser  procedure is performed

Other services:

 One optical shop and a pharmacy were established to serve eye patients.

Free Camps & Clinical Days:  

The hospital conducted Free Eye Camps and clinical days in North Kurdufan state.

Working hours:

Morning shift: 07:30 AM  to   03:00  PM

Evening shift:  06:00 AM  to   11:00  PM



Makkah Eye Complex

El Obaeid Branch

Al Duha, block no 10, Building no 6


+249 128882280         



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