This department receives all patients who visit our hospital for the first time. Doctors in this department examine new patients to reveal the ocular problems that patients suffering and complaining from. All ocular examinations are done, including:

* Visual acuity (to measure the clarity or sharpness of vision)

* Refraction (to determine glasses prescription)

* Binocular function (how the eyes work together)

* Intraocular pressure measurements

* Anterior and posterior segments


This examination forms the first step to reveal any eye disease at the first stage, which is one of the efficient means to prevent eye disease and to control blindness, the major objective of  the Foundation.   

Patient may be given eye medications such as eye drops or ointments, otherwise doctor will refer him/her to one of the specialized clinics according to his/her disease.

Doctors Available:

1  .  Dr. Mohamed A’abdeen -  Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology (M.D)   

2  .  Dr. Abdul Sami Sultan -  Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology (M.D)   

3  .  Dr. Abdul Rabbu Abdallah  -  Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology (M.D)   

4  .  Dr. Hana Azmi - Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology (M.D)   

5  .  Dr. Huda  Awad - Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology (M.D)   

6  .  Dr. Moutasim  Hassan -  Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology (M.D)   

7  .  Dr. Elass Badrelddin.   

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