The Foundation arranges training courses in the different fields of Ophthalmology conducted by local and foreign qualified experts. These courses aim to upgrade the technical standard of the medical cadres for the Foundation staff as well as the outsiders, short courses are also conducted to train different levels of ophthalmology staff into modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.


OphthalmologistŚ training in Ophthalmology  microspecialities

  The Foundation was working during the last decade to train doctors on the micro-specialities in the different fields of Ophthalmology, and to invlove each doctor in one of them. These arduous efforts were culminated in success, now there are many micro-specialized clinincs in Makkah Hospital in Khartoum, such as:

* Cataract Clinic

* Glaucoma Clinic

* Retina Clinic

* Orbit Clinic

* Squint Clinic

* Pediatrics Clinic

* Cornea clinic

* Diabetic clinic

in addition to:

* Low vision Clinic

* Contact lenses clinic

Training of doctors sent by govermental health bodies

  The Foundation commited to train a number of doctors sent periodically by the  govermental health bodies. Doctors recieve training in differnet fields of Ophthalmology.

Ophthamic cadres training

     For assistant ophthamic cadres, the Foundation arrange traning courses, under the supervision of Foundation experts and skilled cadres.

Teachers traning in the Schools eye care Program:        

    The foundation has participated effeciantly in the Schools Program of Eye Care, where teachers are trained to screen students, besides the provision of treatment and eye glasses for stdents who need them.

Conferences and Seminars

    In order to contribute in the development of medical cadres experience in the field of Ophthalmology, the Complex receives regularly ophthalmic cadres to train them, so as to develop their technical skills and experience.


 Also the Complex sent its medical cadres abroad for the mentioned purpose through: participating in conferences, fourms, seminars and workshops.


 Besides that, invitations are extended to the foreign specialized doctors to deliver lectures and to participate in workshops in the Complex.                 



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