In these camps many patients are treated after they were visually impaired or totally blind, and they didn't receive treatment before as they are indigent, living in remote areas, and incapable to work due to blindness, while their families are affected due to this disability. The treatment of these patients is a reason to enable them to work, and transform their life for the better.

This indicates that to alleviate blindness means also to alleviate the associated poverty in the developing countries.

Free Eye Camps

   The aims and objectives of camps are purely based on providing eye medical services for the indigent patients and for people in far areas, as a direct implementation of the Foundation main goal: to combat blindness and curable eye diseases, specifically cataract, which is considered to be the main cause of blindness.    

Each camp is launched by opening a clinic to screen patients, and from then on, the candidate patients for surgeries will be appointed, while others are given treatment according to their condition, besides distribution of medical spectacles for those who wear it.

All the services in the eye camps are done free of charge.  

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