The department provides a wide variety of tests and examinations that delivered through the different specialized clinics in the complex which includes:

1/ Comprehensive ocular Examinations:

– Visual acuity (VA).

– Refraction (To identify the prescription of eye glasses).

– Ocular motility (To check the movement of eyes)

– Intraocular pressure measurement  (IOP) (Done by tonometer device).

– Visual field  (Examination of the peripheral vision by perimeter).

– Pupil evaluation.   

– Color vision test.

-   Analysis of  binocular visual system.

-   Keratometry  (For measuring the corneal surface curvature).

– Corneal topography (For mapping the corneal surface curvature).


-   Pachymetry  ( Measurement of corneal thickness)  

– Gonioscopy  ( A test of the drainage angle, using "Gonioscope")

–  Examination of posterior segment, intraocular lens calculation (Using Ultrasound, including A Scan & B Scan).

– Slit lamp examination of the anterior segment.

– Ocular coherence tomography (OCT).

2/ Contact Lens Services

Used to improve vision, protect eye (including corneal ulcer) , and for cosmetic purpose. There are two types of contact lenses in terms of material: hard and soft.  Fitting a variety of contact lenses that suit every eye condition, including therapeutic, soft, hard contact lens, besides counseling of patients.

3/ Orthoptics services

Checking binocular and single vision, including all squint examinations, exercises and other Orthoptics services that are provided in Squint Department.      

Optometry Department

The Optometry Department provides a comprehensive primary vision care that includes; but not limit to: Eye examination and prescribing the eyeglasses or contact lenses as needed to correct the vision defects.

4/ Low Vision Services

Involve: assessment of residual vision, prescription of optical and nonoptical

devices and counseling of patients.

5/ Pediatric varied optometric services

Including different pediatric optometric services.

In charge of the Department:

1/ Elbadri Khalifa – Chief of optometry.

2/ Elham Osman.

3/ LimyaAbdullah

4/ Manal Khidher.

5/ Najat Mohammed.

6/ Abda Alagib.

7/ Mayrfat Hamadnallah.

8/ Eman Khojali.

9/ Malka Basheer.

10/ Safa Wagee Allah.

11/ Aziza Mohammed.

12/ Hala Abdulsadig.

13/ Hind Abdeen.

14/ Aesha Yousif.

15/ Nazik Altaib.

16/ Afra Ibraheem.

17/ Aljaily Amir.

18/ Inamullah Sial.

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